About Amy

Certified Life Coach

As a certified life coach,

Amy Gleaves helps women create the life they want. With customized action plans and accountability along the way, Amy helps women face their fears, make decisions, and take action to move forward.

Amy has earned a reputation as an advocate of change. She has helped dozens of people find their place in the business world and ultimately pave the path to personal and financial prosperity. 

With over 20 years of specializing in individual and corporate coaching, Amy works with women ready to get unstuck, reshape happiness, find more time in their schedules, and gain clarity on their best version of themselves. Amy knows the daily pressures women face juggling kids, work, and everything else life throws at them while trying to remember who they are and what they set out to achieve. Helping women find their path and their voice to achieve true happiness is success in her book. 

Competition, judgment, guilt, and shame are just a few things holding you back. We believe you are ready for what’s next and can help you stay motivated to go after your dreams. Let’s talk. Contact Amy today. 

In her free time...

Amy enjoys exploring new places, reading uplifting books, meditating, and exercising on her Peloton. 

She is an avid student of life who embraces Law of Attraction modalities to create the life of her dreams while assisting others along the way. 

Above all, she loves spending quality time with her family. She’s happily married and the proud mother of eight beautiful children (two biological, 5 step children, and 1 daughter-in-law). 

Amy looks forward to meeting you. 

Amy feels like she is doing what she was put on this planet to do:
harness her empathy and everything she has learned to alleviate the negativity in people’s lives.