How to Change Your Mindset for a Happier Life

Ever wonder why you sometimes feel stuck? This often relates to our mindset. What is a mindset, though? Imagine it as the mental guide that influences how you see and react to the world. We pick up beliefs early on that direct our choices, the people we connect with, and the chances we either take or miss.

Understanding Mindset

Think of your mindset as the way you view everything around you. It shapes who you are, often without you even realizing it.

Consider Alex and Kate, who face the same problem. Alex treats each challenge in his fitness routine as an opportunity to improve. He adjusts his plan, seeks advice, and meets his goals. Kate, however, finds a hurdle too hard and decides to quit. Their different outcomes come from their distinct mindsets, which are formed by their individual past experiences and beliefs.

Changing your Mindset

Want to change your mindset? It starts with deciding to make a change. Even though outside factors have shaped our current mindset over time, we can actively change it. Breaking free from limiting beliefs and deciding what new things to learn are important. Whether you’re motivated by something external or your own wish to get better, deciding to change is the first step toward growth.

Digital Detox for a Clearer Mind

Being bombarded with constant digital information can twist our view of ourselves and lead to feelings of not being good enough. Taking breaks from the digital world allows us to think more about ourselves.

Want to try a digital detox? Here are some straightforward tips to make it part of your daily life:

  • Set times in the morning and evening when you stay off digital devices.
  • Keep digital devices away during physical activities.
  • Cut down on overwhelming digital content.
  • Focus on talking to people face-to-face.
  • Try different ways to relax.

Balancing Being Up-To-Date and Digital Detox 

It’s important to keep up with what’s going on but also to manage how much time we spend online. We should focus on real facts rather than endless browsing. Pay attention to how digital content makes you feel. The right balance between keeping up with the news and looking after our mental health is crucial.

Why not start making these changes today? Take breaks from technology when needed and see how it positively affects your life. You can reshape your mindset in ways that support your dreams and goals. Let’s start making these positive changes together.


Amy Gleaves, Life Coach, Headshot

Amy Gleaves is a dedicated Life Coach who has earned the reputation as an advocate of change. To date, she has helped dozens of people find their place in the business world and ultimately pave the path to personal and financial prosperity.