Goal Picking Mindset

I am asked a lot about how I go about picking my goals each year. There is no right or wrong way to have a goal. I have year-long goals, 3-year goals, 6-month goals, 1-month goals, and so on. They all have different meanings and impact different areas of my life.

The only thing I do not ever do with goal setting is the goal cannot come from a thought of “I have to.” If a goal is a “have to,” it is something I try to force myself into and do not really have the desire for it.

This is one of the reasons new year’s resolutions don’t work. They come from thoughts like I have to lose weight, I have to find a new job, I have to get my career on track, I have to stop smoking, and so on.

New Year’s Resolutions—They say you are not good enough now, so you have to do this to improve.

When you desire something for your life, then you will want it more. So when you are working on your goals, look at what you desire for your life and go in that direction.

Sometimes my goal can be to sit in this time of growth and appreciate it. Sometimes it is to find the magic in the little things. Sometimes it is to make a certain amount of money or do something that scares me but pushes me out of my comfort zone for growth.


Amy Gleaves, Life Coach, Headshot

Amy Gleaves is a dedicated Life Coach who has earned the reputation as an advocate of change. To date, she has helped dozens of people find their place in the business world and ultimately pave the path to personal and financial prosperity.